Fshape facade

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Profile formats

Type 45-15
Width 45mm
Thickness 30mm
Angle 15°
Standard length 3 m, other lengths on request

Type 45-90
Width 45mm
Thickness 30mm
Angle 90°
Standard length 3 m, other lengths on request

Type 102-15
Width 102mm
Thickness 30mm
Angle 15°Standard length 3 m, other lengths on request 

Impact and shock resistant

The robust solution for public buildings

A unique agraffen system ensures a precise and uniform facade image with concealed fixing.

The particularly hard and corrosion-resistant protective coating is very well protected against abrasion and environmental influences. 


Sustained increase in value of your property

With an aluminum façade, both the optical upgrading of the façade and the optimal protection of the underlying building construction are achieved, and is absolutely maintenance-free.

Regular new paintings or repairs on your façade become unnecessary. 




Individual color selection










Product features



Shock and impact resistance

Easy to clean

Free color selection

Easy to handle

Optional with theft protection

Easy disassembly

Vertical application

Vertical aluminum lamellas type 45-90 invisibly mounted with mounting rails on a vertical second-tier substructure with patented wall bracket 




Horizontal application

Horizontal aluminum lamellas type 45-15 invisible mounted with agraffs on a vertical one-piece substructure with patented wall bracket. 




Special solutions

Balcony cladding

The Fshape façade is flexibly applicable here as a balcony panel with a special lamella and a fall protection. We are happy to develop a special solution for your project. 






patented | flexible | beautiful

The internationally patented wall bracket from Fshape system is technically separated from the component by thermal stop *. It adapts flexibly to the existing surface and is mounted quickly.

The special:

The precise fine adjustment by means of a single Allen screw guarantees flatness (tolerance of 10 m <1 mm) and is also possible without problems after the insulation has been installed. 







Landesjugendheim / Hostel

Hollabrunn / Austria


Franz ZT GmbH – Wien / Austria


This building is an example of what makes the FShape aluminum facade system so special: The façade made of aluminum lamellas emphasizes the building cuboid and inspires by a very great optical purity. At the same time, the lamellar façade allows for a very lively facade picture due to different tones in the planking.


2000 m²